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vasa 01b vasa 05b
The warship Vasa
Scala 1:75
Length:925 mm leight:820 mm

Current construction

Named after the royal house, the Vasa was built to represent the power and glory of the great King Gustavus II of Sweden when the country was the dominant military power in the Baltic Sea.
Vasa was built to be the most powerful and beautiful warship ever sailed seven seas.

She measured 69 feet in length, 11.7 meters in Width, the overflow had masts that was 52.5 meters high, and conducted more than 1275 square meters of sails and 64 guns.

After three years of construction with over a thousand skilled artisans, she began October 10, 1628 overloaded with guns and sculptures, gold, the ship ran no more than 15 meters on its maiden voyage.
When Vasa came out on the open water had a couple of strong gusts her to start lurch sharply to port. When the water began to flow in through the lower gun hatches. The ship immediately began to sink.

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